If You Love Reagan, You Should Adore Obama

For those who appreciated Ronald Reagan’s compromising spirit, moderate policies, and bias for action, President Obama should be a breath of fresh air. More »

Did President Obama Double Our National Debt?

Who is the bigger fool….President Obama for doubling our national debt?…or the individual who believes such a canard? Like all political claims, the devil is in the details. More »

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Explained

The Affordable Care Act is one of the most significant pieces of legislation signed into law in the history of the United States. Although the law is complex and appears ambiguous, understanding is critical to evaluating its merits. More »

Conservatives Don’t Own the Pro-Life Agenda

Waiving the moral flag is good for political theater, but if Conservatives really cared about reducing abortions, they might consider voting Democrat. More »

Today’s Founding Fathers

Resolving issues like abortion, gay marriage, firearms, and immigration by filtering through the eyes of the deceased is a practice those same men would abhor. More »


Ted Cruz Called Out By Fox News

Ted Cruz Called Out By Fox News

On Sunday Chris Wallace called out Ted Cruz for his blatant distortions of fact. Cruz continued with his Obamacare-doomsday rhetoric, which has no foundation in fact or basic logic. Even Fox News was uncomfortable with Cruz’s distortions, and Chris Wallace finally called them out. Here is the transcript: WALLACE:  I want to drill down into Cruz-care, because there is a statement you made about Obamacare that has gotten a lot of attention since the debate.  Here it is. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully

Conservatism is Dying

Conservatism in America is dying, thankfully. I am not referring to the iconic conservative beliefs of Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole, who found success in compromise and concession. Compassionate conservatism will always be ingrained in our political system. I am talking about the mangled attempt to push the electorate to the extreme right under the guise of conservatism. The latter is being fueled by fear and misinformation wrapped in a blanket of a disingenuous allegiance to the Constitution. Conservatism as

Who’s To Blame for Washington Dysfunction?

At a recent family gathering, one of my ultra conservative relatives lamented how Washington is broken and does not do the people’s will. She added that she could not stand Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, citing his friendship with the late Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. She was flabbergasted that a Utah conservative like Senator Hatch could befriend the Liberal Lion of the Senate. 

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Yes Please.

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Yes Please.

Watching the Republican debate the other night provided quite a spectacle for viewers. Donald Trump calling into question Ted Cruz’s birthright might be the greatest moment of debate theater this election cycle. Even more amusing was Ted Cruz’s response, twisting Constitutional interpretation to include parents of “natural born” citizens, calling out Trump’s eligibility (and several other GOP candidates). As much as I would enjoy watching SCOTUS back Cruz’s bizarre interpretation, the whole issue is trivial at best. Voters shouldn’t vote

How Preventable Are Firearm Suicides?

Most Americans have probably heard that there are over 30,000 gun deaths per year in the U.S. When confronted with that fact, opponents of gun safety law reform are quick to point out that approximately two thirds of that number are suicides (and they are correct). Their argument tacitly suggests that gun deaths by suicide are not preventable and therefore cannot be used to argue for new gun laws.

Exploiting the Labor Participation Rate

Exploiting Labor Participation Rate

One of my nieces is 16 years old and attends a local high school in Utah.  Her world is centered on books and boys and her free time revolves around extracurricular activities driven by a care-free attitude every kid should enjoy.  I have a nephew who is enrolled in college and enjoys any time away from his studies hanging with friends and creating memories that will last a life time. My wife stays at home and raises our four daughters,

2016 Election Optimism

2016 Election Optimism

As a Democrat, it’s hard not to watch the current GOP primary debacle and smile with a certain sense of optimism.  Democrats are poised for a strong election cycle, gaining back territory that was lost as a result of low voter turnout in 2014. With the unemployment hovering around 5%, gas prices at $2.00, uninsured Americans at the lowest level in decades, and the economy pacing upward in a consistent manner, Democrats are ready to continue their leadership in 2016.

Hope and Change By the Numbers

Following the federal unemployment numbers the “Hope and Change” statistics have been updated. Some interesting changes: Although the unemployment rate did not change, the U-6 number declined from July which is positive news. For those unfamiliar with the U-6 number, it discounts part-time workers and seasonal employees. Housing prices are rising faster than 4.1 percent in many parts of the country but the growth has not translated across the national number. The annual deficit has again been positively adjusted down by

Defunding Planned Parenthood: Making a Bad Situation Worse

Defunding Planned Parenthood

An all-out attack on Planned Parenthood has begun. Yesterday Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, cut all Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood reasoning, “Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life. It has become clear that this is not an organization that is worthy of receiving public assistance from the state.”  Jeb Bush also followed suit on the campaign trail remarking, “I’m not sure we need a half a

The Retrumplican Party

Donald Trump -The Retrumplican Party

As a Democrat I should love Donald Trump. His style and self-absorbed attitude entertains a powerful faction of the far-right movement which creates problems for the conservative core. He is a one-man wrecking ball; targeting his attacks on any individual that opposes him which includes most of the 2016 Republican field. His rhetoric is sharp and overtly hyperbolic and his methods are intrusive and borderline comical. Trump has cornered the market on ridiculousness and amazingly this message is resonating at