Favorite Links



DonkeyFeed Facebook Page. Coming soon!


simple_logo_eclectablog EclectaBlog Great political insight and analysis. ALthough focussed more from a Midwest perspective, application is relevant across the board.  Home to @LOLGOP


MormonPress – The MormonPress blogging team is made up of people who believe strongly in careful research and standing up for their beliefs, religious as well as political. The authors previously hosted “Mormons For Obama,” “LDSDems of America,” “MormonDems,” and “MormonLiberals.”  



Favorite Twitter Follows:

@Donkey_Feed – Editor and author of DonkeyFeed twitter feed.

@LOLGOP – The original political satirical tweeter and one of the best.

@TeaPartyCat – Ridiculously witty and always good for a laugh.

@UniteBlue – One of the drivers of the progressive movement.

@JohnFugelsang – Political comedian and talk show host.

@JulieMason – For real reporting and a beat on all things political, nobody is more informative.

@MormonDems – Twitter feed of the MormonDems and MormonPress groups


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